Why choose a Victorian fireplace for your home?

Victorian fireplaces come in a huge range of styles and you can now find some contemporary fireplaces with a Victorian twist, helping it work wonderfully with more modern homes. That said, most people who do choose a Victorian fireplace, do so because they have a traditional or period property and they want to showcase some of the original features.

Cast Iron combination fireplaces are a really good option and these were very common during the Victorian era, and there are still many available to buy online and in traditional fireplace shops – you may be surprised at how many there are near you! With a traditional all black cast iron combination fireplace, the typical fuel would be wood, so you’ll need plenty of firewood if you’re going to use it on a regular basis.

Some larger Victorian fireplaces feature a marble, oak or stone mantelpiece with an arches insert inside. Some of these inserts are entirely constructed of cast iron, however many will often feature floral or patterned tiles, and these tend to be more expensive than your typical combination fireplaces, which are essentially an ‘all in one’ piece. In many cases, the tiles will match the hearth, however, you may find that the traditional Victorian patterns are not quite your cup of tea, and if that’s the case you can always choose a more minimalistic insert. We’d recommend a stone fireplace if you’d like to have a modern modern twist, but marble is just as good an option, especially if you love the natural blue and grey veining, adding a little texture to the room. These are just a handful of the Victorian styles that are still readily available today but you can always find exclusive fireplaces from retailers who have refurbished original Victorian fireplaces, rather than buying a replica.

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