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Do conservatories add value to your home?

Μany homes have adapted to owning a conservatory from centuries ago! People seem to find it extremely elegant and beautiful and the question often brought to the table is:

Do conservatories add value to your home?

Conservatories can be traced all the way back to the 16th century and perhaps even further back in time, as they were used mainly by wealthy people to cultivate various citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons. In the UK, a conservatory is considered a spacious external room that is up to 70% glass and at least 75% of its roof glazed with materials that are translucent.

The architecture of traditional conservatories has evolved vastly over the past centuries and the differences are mainly shown from one country to the other or in different continents where the traditions differ. Taking the decision to add a conservatory to your home is not an easy task at all! But once you take the decision you will most definitely add value to your space. Also, if you are an enthusiast with cultivation and you like plants you will find yourself spending many hours of your day doing something you will eventually come to love. That said, there can be problems with temperature. Too many conservatories are scorching hot in the summer and to cold in the winter so it never feels like another room in the home, it feels more like a shed. This is why so many individuals are now opting for conservatory roof replacement Milton Keynes.

These structures give undeniable prestige and elegance of high amount to your house, usually attached to one of your outer walls they will draw many looks from any bypassers. We must also note that conservatories are being used, but are not limited to recreation and horticulture, it goes without saying that the can also be used for a sunroom for gatherings or a personal/family solarium.

In either way, whether you have a personal space or a garden that you can use to build a conservatory you should give it a chance since it will be a really practical construction with many uses for both you and your family!

Best Roofing Solutions for Conservatories

Adding a conservatory to your home can be an amazing addition to your property but if you want to enjoy spending time and relaxing in the conservatory then you will need to look for the best roofing solutions for conservatories so that you can enjoy this space all year long. Selecting the best roof is very important so that the conservatory does not become unbearable in summer and winter rather you can enjoy this space all year round. Hence you should install a fully insulated metallic conservatory roof as it is known to offer a large number of benefits as you will get the most aesthetically pleasing option for your conservatory. (more…)

Creating That Perfect Entryway

The most common question we get: What colour should I paint my front door? Choosing 2 shades or tints from the same colour strip is best for the main exterior trim and siding colours. Then a third colour should be chosen for the front door.

You can go bold by adding a contrasting colour that is opposite on the colour wheel of your trim and siding colours, or you can go and choose a third lighter/darker shade that mimics the trim and siding. In order to make your entry stand out, it is best to choose a darker or bolder shade than the rest of your home.

Aside from colour, there are a lot of other features that can freshen up your entryway and speak to your homes style—lighting, plants, door knobs, door knocker, door kick plates, rugs, and porch seating all add to the overall appeal of your home’s entry.

Changing the fascia to improve the external appearance of your home

There is no rule that says you have to paint the fascia in your home white. However, many people seem to prefer this as it is the safe option. You can take advantage of this part of your home to add a touch of elegance and style.

There are now lots of colour options for wooden fascia. You can choose from shades of green, yellow, tan, red or blue. You can mix and match with the colour of the soffit depending on the colour scheme of the external portion of your home. You can also try matching it with the accents of windowsills or the sides of your home for a touch of elegance.

You can also change aluminium fascias to the coloured ones. The only problem with this is that there are no extensive colour options.

Colour options for plastic fascias might also be limited yet there are some available in wood tones and even with a woodgrain effect finish. The added bonus with plastic fascia is how easy it is to maintain and clean.

So what is a Liv-in Room?

Many of you may have heard of homeowners extending their home to include a liv-in room but what exactly is it? Well it’s usually an extension on the back of the house, so the homeowner loses some back garden space to accommodate it, but it’s essentially a conservatory with lots of natural daylight. There is a minimalistic frame on these rooms, meaning you have large windows and doors looking out over the garden, and skylights above, allowing you to watch beautiful views of the sky as the sunset begins.

https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2016/11/22/22/18/bed-1850893_1280.jpgThe main difference between a conservatory and a liv-in room is the fact that your typical conservatory doesn’t include the vast amounts of light. So what’s the benefit of having all this light? Well it makes the room a much more welcoming place and it’s perfect for entertaining. You will also find, if you have a South-facing garden, that you use less electricity on lighting. The main drawback though, is that this type of room doesn’t necessarily have the cosy feel that’s so inviting during winter time. It’s more of a place for summer when the days are long, and a liv-in room makes a perfect transitional area leading out to the garden. Of course, not all liv-in rooms are the same. There are many different designs to choose from, including those that are square and small, those that are rectangular spanning the width of the entire house and those that only lead on from one room in the house, such as the kitchen.

If you need an extra living space or an extra dining area then you may simply want to extend your kitchen, but if that’s not possible and you want a more multifunctional room, than a liv-in room is a great idea and you can find more information on these rooms online.