May 28, 2018

Creating That Perfect Entryway

The most common question we get: What colour should I paint my front door? Choosing 2 shades or tints from the same colour strip is best for the main exterior trim and siding colours. Then a third colour should be chosen for the front door.

You can go bold by adding a contrasting colour that is opposite on the colour wheel of your trim and siding colours, or you can go and choose a third lighter/darker shade that mimics the trim and siding. In order to make your entry stand out, it is best to choose a darker or bolder shade than the rest of your home.

Aside from colour, there are a lot of other features that can freshen up your entryway and speak to your homes style—lighting, plants, door knobs, door knocker, door kick plates, rugs, and porch seating all add to the overall appeal of your home’s entry.