Why It Is Important To Upgrade Your Company’s Physical Offices Annually

When people hear the term upgrade an office, and they are the business owner, they are already expecting a significant expense. Expanding upon your office, changing the internal decor, or simply putting a new paint job it will cost a bit of money. You may also want to consider hiring a professional interior designer or decorator. This will add to the overall expense. However, it might be the most advantageous thing that you can do. Here are the reasons why you should consider upgrading your company’s physical offices on an annual basis if possible.

What Type Of Upgrades Would You Want To Consider?

There are certain upgrades that are advantageous to your business. However, it does depend on the type of business you are in. For example, you may want to consider changing out the furniture, such as chairs, tables, and the desks that are used, just to provide something new for your employees. From the perspective of your customers coming in, if you have a medical practice, that can also draw more people in. They will see that you are successful, and investing your money into your business, which may actually motivate them to recommend future clients.

Does This Have To Be An Elaborate Makeover?

The best way to describe how you will upgrade your physical offices is that it will be an incremental process. For example, you may want to consider painting the walls one year, changing the furniture the next, and changing out the carpet or flooring the following year. The only time that you should spend a substantial amount of money is if you are completely changing the entire layout of the office area. Keep in mind that this may be confusing for both your workers and those that are your clients, especially if they have been used to the same setting for many years or decades.

If you decide to upgrade your physical offices for your company, keep all of those suggestions in mind. In some ways, it’s a beneficial decision because of how it will emulate the success that your company is having. On the other hand, customers that have been used to the same setting for years may become slightly confused at the new appearance. However, if you do a complete makeover of your office, waiting room, and all of the other rooms at your facility, this should be done every 5 to 10 years which can help improve your property’s value.

There are many office fit out companies who can help you transform your existing office space, but you’ll see experience and prices will vary considerably. Depending on the scale of the work involved, it’s important to be focused in your search for the right company. For example, if you require building, and dilapidation, as well as interior design, you’re going to need to pick an expert with a wealth of experience across these areas. On the other hand, if you only require changes to the interior space such as interior design tweaks, choosing an interior designer who focuses on offices and commercial spaces may be best.

Considering New Flooring? Why Not Go Green…

Sustainable flooring options are a growing concept trend that provides eco-conscious consumers greener choices whilst reducing waste. Responsibly sourced flooring is an excellent way to ensure home renovations are more sustainable whilst giving home-owners fabulous interior home designs.

Eco-Friendly Flooring Options

• Bamboo- which is technically a grass, can be worked into beautiful hard-wearing floorboards with a similar look, to natural hardwood and it takes a quarter of the time to grow compared to hardwood trees.

• Cork- is an excellent option that comes from the bark of the cork oak tree and is harvested without harming the trees. It is then ground up, compressed and formed into sheets bonded with resins.

• Reclaimed Wood- is timber that has been salvaged from another property and still in good condition so as to be reusable in another property.

• Reclaimed Tiles- have also been removed from another property for reuse and typically offer a wide range of style and colours.

• Linoleum- is made from natural linseed oil and woodflour. It may be considered ‘retro’ by some but is having a massive comeback with its large range of choices in patterns and designs. It even includes marble, stone-look and flecked pattens

Oak and pine flooring are not usually considered one of the most ‘green’ options, but they are still a significantly better option over rare or exotic hardwoods which are much slower growing and more difficult to replace.

How to Shabby-Chic

Amazingly shabby-chic has stuck around since its origins in the early 90’s and continues to be a very common and popular look. Its hardiness is most likely due to its immense versatility, from classic settings to modern and from urban dwellings to rural.

Handy tips to creating Shabby-Chic:


The Shabby chic style typically utilises muted pastels that give a vintage, passage-of-time ‘feel’. Pure white is rarely used. Shades of the monochrome spectrum can help spaces look larger.


Shabby chic embodies comfort with upholstered furniture accommodated with cosy blankets. Furniture such as chairs and tables are typically less bulky and more slender and an antique-white or light colour.

Texture and patterns

Lace, velvet, floral patterns and subdued rugs are a vital element. You don’t want to emphasise a single piece of furniture but keep it all equally interesting.


Keep things simple yet beautiful, less is more. Materials such as metal, ceramic, porcelain, wicker or tapestries are great to use, but only after you have the colours, furnishing and fabrics in the room first. Try not to overdo it, go for a more minimalistic approach so as not to make the room feel small with clutter.

How to brighten up your home using accessories

Dark rooms are generally welcomed in winter months as they feel warm and cosy but during summer you may want to brighten up your home without too much effort. Brightening up a dark room can be challenging especially if the room has minimal natural light but we have put together a list of tips that you can use to easily brighten your home using minimal effort.

1. Bright art – vibrant paintings or canvases will brighten up any room. The brighter the better.

2. Colourful rugs – this simple trick will inject personality into any room whilst brightening it up

3. Mirrors – Mirrors will make any space feel larger. If you place opposite a window, they will double up your light sources.

4. Chandeliers – chandeliers will reflect sunlight and reflect it throughout a room.

5. Add metallics – adding metallic accessories is an easy way to brighten up any room and will reflect natural light.

Timeless interior design doesn’t have to standstill

Timeless interior design is difficult to get right, because how can you expect what’s to come in the future? And how can you be certain your decor will remain as good looking years down the line? Well whether it’s a renovation or you are just purchasing furniture that you really love, it’s fair to say that you are likely thinking more long-term than you did in the past. It makes perfect sense, you want to save money and don’t want to have to buy all new furniture in another 5 or 10 years time. To really narrow down on a timeless style, you need to be buying fewer, but more high-quality pieces but that doesn’t mean your look can’t develop or become better looking with age. With woods and rustic leather, you can use highly sought after natural materials that will never go out of fashion.