What Are Roof Lanterns And How Are They Different From Skylights?

If you are trying to save money on electricity in your home, especially in the kitchen dining room or conservatory, you may want to consider investing in a roof lantern. This is an opening in the top of your roof, extending down into the kitchen or living area, that will provide you with a substantial amount of light. However, depending upon the structure of the roof lantern, it could be somewhat covered. You may not have a direct view of the outside. That’s why many people will install skylights instead of roof lanterns. These are going to have clear windowpanes that are typically flat, matching the pitch of the roof upon which they are installed. Here is an overview of the difference between a roof lantern and a skylight.

How Is A Roof Lantern Constructed?

First of all, an opening is placed in the top of the roof. This will extend into the kitchen area, or whatever room you are trying to provide extra light for. When you look at these from the side, they appear to be almost like a glass gazebo, designed to allow light to come in from all directions. They often have a top which is stylistic, and they are not designed to flow with the pitch of the roof at all. In fact, they are typically placed on the top of the roof so that they are perfectly vertical, and this is why, among many other reasons, that they are different from a skylight.

What Is A Skylight?

These are a much more basic form of a roof lantern. In fact, it is nothing more than an opening with glass that will either be permanently sealed, or it will give you the capability to open it up. You will have a direct view of the sky from the bottom, and in some cases, they will be connected to some type of automated system that can open or close the glass. This is going to let more light in than a traditional roof lantern. That is because there is nothing over the top of it. In both cases, you will need professionals that can install them for you, and it really depends on how much light you would like to let in.

Now that you know the difference between a roof lantern in a skylight, you can speak with a local contractor that can give you a quote. Regardless of the decision that you make, once this is installed, it’s going to improve the amount of light that you have in your home. You can have these installed over the course of several days, and they can certainly improve the value of your household. Find out more today about roof lanterns and skylights that you may want to install to bring more light into your home this year.

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