Bespoke Kitchen Outfitters vs Standardised Designs

When it comes to interior decoration, there are few spaces that are as worthy of the investment of your time and money as compared to a kitchen. As one of the most important rooms within a home, it is important that you get both the practicalities of the space in order as well as its appearance to your liking. What this means will differ from person to person, and so it can be difficult to justify the installation of a standard kitchen design from John Lewis or B&Q. however, getting either one of these standard kitchen designs or going through the bespoke kitchen design process have their pros and cons; their positives and negatives, and this article is going to give each of them a fair shot so that you can make the right choice for you.

When it comes to standard kitchen designs, what you can depend on is getting a kitchen design that meets a typical style. This can be a great option for those that aren’t particularly inclined in any direction when it comes to interior design, as it can guarantee a degree of high standard that will impress. As the larger businesses cycle through the different standardised designs, you can see that there is a very typical trend, suggesting there are some important shifts in the fashion, for want of a better word, that those who go for one of these standard options are guaranteed to get, meaning that it will likely remain up to date for the next few years at least.

In comparison, bespoke kitchens in London is a great option for a kitchen design when you have a clear idea of what you want. It completely changes the dynamics at play, with you having the option to develop a kitchen to your own specifications. Whether it is regarding the appliances that you want to have installed into your kitchen, or the number of counter tops that your kitchen has that you want to personalise, a bespoke kitchen outfitter is a far better option. In particular, if you have a specific design style that you want, the chances are that you won’t find them among standard designs, leaving a bespoke design as your only option. If there are specific materials that you want to use for your kitchen, such as a granite countertop or something else, the best option available is to get in touch with experts that can produce a bespoke product according to your specifications.

When it comes to price, there is no clear comparison that can be drawn between bespoke and standardised kitchen designs. Standardised kitchen designs that you will find in catalogues produced by various businesses have generally been designed with catering to the largest proportion of the target market that can be found. As a result of this, the price range for such designs is usually well within the reach of the average homeowner. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get a similarly prices bespoke design, or even cheaper in some cases, but it does mean that how much you spend on your kitchen will be decided based on the choices you make regarding the quality and type of materials that you use. The key issue in terms of a price comparison is that a bespoke design opens up an endless list of potential inclusions or exclusions, which means that both the ceiling and the floor are higher for bespoke kitchens in London.

Top Reasons to Hire the Best Contract Cleaning UK Service

In the modern times, many people in the United Kingdom have a very hectic schedule. This is as a result of the fact that most people work for long hours to try and meet all their needs in the modern hard economy. Other people also spend their time in classes, sports and doing other tasks outside their homes. With such hectic schedules it has become difficult for many people to have enough time to focus on doing cleaning jobs in their homes. This is why it has become a necessity to hire professional cleaners to do the cleaning job. There are a lot of benefits that are involved in working with the best contract cleaning UK service. Therefore, if you are planning to hire such services to help you in the process, you do not have to worry what might happen. Here are some of the major benefits involved. (more…)

Feng Shui Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

buddha-611561_640Feng Shui may not be as popular as it once was in the 90’s, but it seems to be making a comeback. So we thought this would be the perfect time to help you avoid common Feng Shui mistakes you may make. One common mistake we’ve found many people do, is not brighten up their hallways. Paint your hallway a light or extremely bright colourful to combat any darkness. Darkness is said to replicate bad vibes, so is definitely a no-no!

Another mistake is having a TV in the bedroom. A TV is said to produce bad vibes due to the fact it is emitting EMF rays, which are said to disrupt your immune system.

This is an unlikely one, but if you have two mirrors opposite each other, move one immediately. This can be known to cause energy bouncing off each mirror.


Designer Garage Doors: Issues That You Should Consider

When looking for a designer garage door, most people put much emphasis on the design and beauty of the door. However, it is important to note that your garage door will do much more than just beautify your home. In addition to the beauty aspect, your garage door should be able to offer protection from harsh weather conditions and burglary. The major difference between stylish garage doors and other garage doors is only the appearance but they play the same role of protection. A fashionable door can help transform the appearance of your home by being the main attraction or by enhancing the overall appearance. You should also understand that the designer garage doors are expensive and hence the need to get it right the first time. Some of the features that you should emphasise on when choosing garage designer doors include:


The important thing about trendy doors is that they can be customised according to every aspect of your home. Your door can be designed to mimic any style whether contemporary, traditional or anything in-between. However, when choosing the ideal beauty style, it is important to choose a style that also complements the construction of the door. For example, choosing doors with a true frame and panel construction will make the door sturdier than a door with nailed or glued frames and panels for decorative aspect only. The door can also be customised with frosted plastic or shatterproof glass in the panels instead of the normal glass to create a more modern appearance. Glass panels are essential as they allow light to pass during the day.  (more…)

Design Tips For The Office

office-332211_640Are you looking to design your office. The correct office design is crucial to the success of your company. An office that doesn’t function leads to time being wasted, meaning money is being wasted. A good office will give staff an enjoyable environment to work in, motivating them leading to better quality of work.

When designing an office, the first thing we recommend you look into is natural light. Studies have shown that natural light helps improve productivity, whilst also decreasing the likelihood of complaints about eye strain and headaches.

Look at the space in your office and see if there’s any way you can incorporate a casual room, then do it. Casual space is great to relax in, again aiding creativity and also helping to inspire.

Don’t avoid branding your workplace also. Give the office and identity and let it be a reminder to everyone where they are and what’s expected of them. It also adds visual interest and shows clients (who may visit the office) that you take work seriously.