August 29, 2021

The main advantages of having a canopy in your garden

There are so many reasons why many homeowners in the UK choose to install canopies in their gardens. With a high-quality garden canopy, you can give your patio or outdoor space a little bit more protection. It provides a practical cover that you can use as an umbrella if the weather gets too wet or too hot, and it gives you an extra outside area to store garden furniture without having to worry about the rain! Below are just a few of the key benefits at a glance:

Privacy – If you want to have some privacy, then you can just go ahead and simply grow some trees or bushes that will act as a canopy. This would be good if you are not very comfortable with erecting an actual fence. A canopy can also help protect your garden items from any harm caused by the weather elements, including the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Other than that, it is also shady under a canopy of trees so this will be perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities like resting on summer afternoons.

No use of electricity – The idea behind having a canopy in your garden rather than some other overhead element is that it does not require any kind of electricity to run; no need for air conditioning, no need for fans.

Covering other outdoor items – One of the main reasons why people use a canopy in their garden is so that it will protect all sorts of outdoor elements like tables and chairs during certain seasons when they cannot bear the heat or rain. Tents can also be used but these will require external sources of electricity to run and this may not be possible in your home set-up.

Less maintenance – Canopies UK do not require any kind of upkeep work such as paint jobs at least compared to fences which you have to keep painting over time if you want them to remain solid and strong. You will just need to make sure that you check the canopy from time to time for parts and things like leaves in the guttering or gutters.

Structure – You can build a canopy using specific materials depending on the design you have in mind for your garden. This way it will fit into your garden’s landscape setting perfectly by complementing the rest of the decor instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.

Versatility – You can use canopies for all sorts of things which is why they are perfect for outdoor settings where you need to protect certain furniture from adverse weather conditions and climate changes. From simple tables with umbrellas to complex installations with trusses, metal beams, cross bracing and more, you can go as big as your space allows when mounting these set-ups so that no one feels cramped inside or outside.

Consistency and cohesiveness – The important thing to remember is that you need to find a canopy that will go well with the overall design and style of your garden. For example, if the rest of your garden has a rustic theme then using a wood frame covered in vines and bushes can add to the beauty instead of detracting from it. If you already have an established garden then having a canopy that doesn’t fit into its theme will ruin its beauty.

Smoothness – Some people like placing metal or aluminium trusses in their gardens for decoration but others don’t like how cold and industrial they look in such natural settings. This is why investing in wooden trusses not only makes your canopy beautiful but also gives it a warm and natural feel.

Climatic conditions – Just like you wouldn’t paint your house all white and then sit inside it in a black sweater, putting a canopy that doesn’t suit the environment is just stupid. For example, placing a metal canopy under a tree with branches is just begging for these branches to damage it so even if the shade from such plants is beneficial during summer, don’t expect them to protect your canopy year-round. Additionally, wood rots over time so it’s only suitable for regions where the yearly rainfall isn’t too high or low.

Maintenance – Although all types of canopies will need their fair share of maintenance, wooden ones are simply more expensive since they require painting annually to keep rot at bay. Metal or plastic canopies, on the other hand, are very low maintenance. Just hose them down to clean them and add a bit of sun oil if they start looking too rusty.

Garden layout – It’s extremely important to think about how you want your garden laid out when choosing a canopy. For instance, it’ll be pretty difficult to put in benches under a metal canopy because there’s no way someone will be able to sit on these benches in such conditions (not without frying like bacon that is). Also, keep in mind that you’ll need at least two trees to install an aluminium canopy since they’re usually placed around trees for maximum effect so if your yard doesn’t have any suitable trees nearby then forget about this option entirely!