April 11, 2021

Inspirational Interior Design Tips

When moving into a new house or just trying to spruce up your current home, interior designing a space can become a perplexing and frustrating process unless you go about it the right way. Some tips to help you more easily plan and visualise your ideas are:

A Mood Board

You can create a ‘mood board’ from inspirational images or ideas from magazines, social media or online. Take all of these images, colours, designs or fabrics and put them together on your mood board to see how well they work together and help you determine how to incorporate what you love together in the right way.

Measuring is Key

Be sure to accurately measure your space and any furniture, curtains, blinds, rugs etc that you want to use and make sure things are going to fit where you want them to. This will help save you the time of returning things.


Once you have decided on colours, fabrics or paint, be sure to get samples and be sure to put them together to double check these choices will work together. Where possible get returnable samples, especially for any blinds or curtains, that you can put with furniture to be sure you are happy.

In conclusion, take your time, plan well and shop around to help your decorating go as smoothly as possible.