September 25, 2019

The Benefits Of Traffolyte Labels

If you’re wondering what Traffolyte is and how it can be used then you’re in the right place. Traffolyte is a type of multi-layered plastic sheet that is used for the purpose of engraving. Traffolyte offers many benefits the best of which are its unmatched toughness and how easy it can be customised in order to match the exacting needs of any job. Whether it’s application, texture, colour, thickness, or size, Traffolyte is versatile material that is up for many jobs.

The Benefits Of Traffolyte:
  • Cost-effective – Perfect for any budget
  • Light-weight – Therefore suitable for many purposes
  • Easily customised – Available in many texts and background colours
  • Resistant to weather – Making it versatile inside and out
  • Comes in different thicknesses – Thus being very durable
  • Resistant to several solvents, acids, and chemicals – Allowing it to stand up to the toughest of environments
Retains Engraved Messages

Traffolyte labels have a distinctive advantage when it comes to retaining engraving. The labels that are made up of materials that cannot and do not crumble or bend easily. When you use Traffolyte for displaying your engraved messages, the label will be easy to read and remain visible for a very long time.

Available In Various Text and Background Colours

Traffolyte is a material that retains colours very well. The most common Traffolyte tags typically include vivid red, white, black, and yellow, which all stand out very clearly.

Durable And Cost-Effective

Traffolyte is a cost-effective material as these sheets are cheap. You are also able to print many labels and signs from a single sheet. These sheets are durable and as a consequence do not require any form of maintenance, an example of this is the material’s resistance to a range of acids, chemicals, and solvents. With simple cleaning with hot water, you won’t have any worries about damages.

Eye-Catching And Attractive

Engraved Traffolyte tags and labels offer an appealing and attractive finish to any product which is why these products are frequently used as decorative materials. The rigid plastic is flexible enough to be fitted to almost anything and you workable enough to allow you to choose from your own personalised designs. Some people choose to use adhesive to mount their signs or put holes in them so they can be attached to items such as walls or doors. With Traffolyte, it’is also possible to have attractive images engraved onto tags or labels and benefits from being lightweight but durable.

Promote Safety In The Workplace

In some of the industrial environments, Traffolyte is one of the better and safer options when compared to the labels made from metal. Plastic doesn’t transmit electrical charges as metal does and using Traffolyte warning tags or labels can stop workers or visitors from directly contacting electrical energy that could result in injury or damages.