Interior Design

Advantages of making your own coffee table

Making a good quality coffee table is a lot easier than you might be thinking. While you definitely do have many options to choose from, it will be wise to consider your requirements first before you can make your coffee table. For instance, you first and foremost want to know what kind of a table will go with your living room, or the room you want to put the table in. Coffee tables come in many designs which are meant for different types of settings and environments. A glass top table, for example, is ideally suited for medium and small sized rooms as it allows for light to pass through it which gives the room a larger appearance. Cedar tables are excellent for accentuating rooms with a rustic or contemporary décor. Plastic or Metallic tables can come in fantastic moulds which are both cost effective and trendy, these will naturally fit into a modern drawing room and draw tons of attention!


Why choose a Victorian fireplace for your home?

Victorian fireplaces come in a huge range of styles and you can now find some contemporary fireplaces with a Victorian twist, helping it work wonderfully with more modern homes. That said, most people who do choose a Victorian fireplace, do so because they have a traditional or period property and they want to showcase some of the original features.

Cast Iron combination fireplaces are a really good option and these were very common during the Victorian era, and there are still many available to buy online and in traditional fireplace shops – you may be surprised at how many there are near you! With a traditional all black cast iron combination fireplace, the typical fuel would be wood, so you’ll need plenty of firewood if you’re going to use it on a regular basis.

Some larger Victorian fireplaces feature a marble, oak or stone mantelpiece with an arches insert inside. Some of these inserts are entirely constructed of cast iron, however many will often feature floral or patterned tiles, and these tend to be more expensive than your typical combination fireplaces, which are essentially an ‘all in one’ piece. In many cases, the tiles will match the hearth, however, you may find that the traditional Victorian patterns are not quite your cup of tea, and if that’s the case you can always choose a more minimalistic insert. We’d recommend a stone fireplace if you’d like to have a modern modern twist, but marble is just as good an option, especially if you love the natural blue and grey veining, adding a little texture to the room. These are just a handful of the Victorian styles that are still readily available today but you can always find exclusive fireplaces from retailers who have refurbished original Victorian fireplaces, rather than buying a replica.

Making your house a home.

Making your house more personal and unique, comes from a combination of the style and accessories within. Many rooms can look plain and simple and lack personality if they don’t have many accessories to make them unique.

Styling your home should be a fun process, so we have broken the types of accessories down for you to help make your living space more homely:

Rugs- Flooring can really bring any room to life, with rugs being available in so many different designs, from patterns to a long or short pile, there is a unique rug out there to suit the rooms in your home. The great thing with rugs is that they help protect your permanent flooring and can be changed with the seasons very easily. Rugs can help bring colour into your home, complimenting certain features and adding elegance to a room. (more…)

3 colours we love this spring

There are so many brilliant colours in this world but colour trends in interior design are constantly evolving. This spring, we’ve already noticed that there are already a lot more green and blue shades in paint shops. Usually this would be seen as a rather ‘cool’ colour that isn’t best suited to spring, however, there’s a minty freshness to it, and that’s why it’s so popular right now. Deep reds are often associated with the winter months, but we’re seeing more of these two and a dark shade of red can actually add the warmth of an interior design, making it a nice addition for the new season of spring. Another popular colour right now is rose. It’s a nice subtle colour that adds warmth and femininity to a room, and it works beautifully on walls in bedrooms. We hope you like these options but what colours do you love for spring?

Keep your wooden floors looking great with these simple maintenance tips

Hardwood floors are an ever popular choice for both domestic and commercial environments and, although not the cheapest option, if properly cared for, hardwood offers a warm and sophisticated appearance which will last for many years.

Hardwood can be relatively easy to maintain, but regular maintenance and cleaning is essential if you wish to keep the floor in pristine condition and looking good. There are several tips which, if carried out correctly and regularly, should help to keep your floor looking like it did initially. (more…)