Making your house a home.

Making your house more personal and unique, comes from a combination of the style and accessories within. Many rooms can look plain and simple and lack personality if they don’t have many accessories to make them unique.

Styling your home should be a fun process, so we have broken the types of accessories down for you to help make your living space more homely:

Rugs- Flooring can really bring any room to life, with rugs being available in so many different designs, from patterns to a long or short pile, there is a unique rug out there to suit the rooms in your home. The great thing with rugs is that they help protect your permanent flooring and can be changed with the seasons very easily. Rugs can help bring colour into your home, complimenting certain features and adding elegance to a room.

Pictures- There is no better way to personalise your home than adding photographs of your favourite memories around your home. We find ourselves taking snaps almost every day these days, so why not pop those memories into a photo frame. With so many different photo frames online there are so many ways to display your images, from large wall hanging frames to a multi-picture frame to shabby chic style ones, adding images to your home is certainly a way to add character and personality. You can either display your photographs in hanging frames or even create a feature with a free-standing frame on top of a unit, standing alone or surrounding it with pretty ornaments.

Curtains, cushions and throws- Complimenting any room with wonderful curtains always work a treat. If you can add some stylish cushions into the mix that either match the curtains or help bring out key colours is a great way to add instant style to your home. If you aren’t a fan of curtains, this isn’t a problem, there are many modern blinds that look great in minimalistic homes too. Cushions work well at adding personality to a home and create instant comfort. Cushions let visitors know they can relax in your stylish home. Throws, like cushions, are a great way to bring comfort to your home, and really do make living rooms and bedrooms look great. As previously mentioned in the rugs section, these can be changed seasonally, which is great for creating different moods throughout the year, simply store away the ones you don’t want out, and bring out the ones you do. It really is that easy.

This list is aimed to help you make small improvements to your home to make it a personalised living space. While accessories are a great way to bring character and style to your home, sometimes adding a lick of paint or some new flooring may be needed if the interior walls and flooring is looking a little worn out. Decorating your home can be easy if you tackle each room at a time, and it allows you to make more permanent decisions on your homes overall décor.

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